Saturday, 23 May 2015

Spring Harvest

This year has been an unusual one weather wise, but finally spring has arrived and we have got some decent weather. Lovely.
But suddenly everything has to be done at once in the garden. The grass is growing like mad and the seeds needs to be put into their right places. Before that all the weeds that have thrived will need to be removed...

The tulips are at their best, the bleeding hearts are starting to bloom and the forsythia is at its peak.

It is also harvesting time! My kale was eaten totally bare by the deer. I was glad to be of service as they had a very tough time. I did not approve of their feast on my little apple tree though. The kale now has got new delicious leaves ready to harvest. Yesterday I served newly harvested kale that i braised lightly with chopped chives and garlic to go with pasta and salmon. Delicious!

One of my favourite vegetables is parsnip and I have tried to grow them several times but without any success. The greenery has been amazing the second year. The tiny roots were left in the ground over the winter and I kept the plants as they were quite decorative. The other day it was time to clear the plot for another crop and below you can see what I found. Has anyone any good advice on how to grow parsnips? This year I am going to try a red and white striped beetroot instead.