Friday, 13 February 2015


A new buzz word

A couple of days ago I met a former colleague at a party and she mentioned a new buzz word used when discussing strategies for a sustainable development.
The word is nudging. So I thought I would give you an update. I was told that a research report was published as late as December 2014 and I have just glanced through the report*.

Nudging is not about changing people's values but it's about arranging the choice situation in a way that makes the desirable outcome the easiest and most attractive option. It is applied to help people bridge the gap between good intentions and good deeds.

Sounds sensible. It is well in line with the motto I (we) had working on sustainable consumption – make it easy for the consumer to act in an environmentally safe way.

One example could be to simplify and frame complex information making key information more salient – e.g energy labeling and displays.
Change the physical setting – layouts and functions in order to make it more convenient for people, show good examples with clear steps and reminders etc.

Of course nudging is not enough to change our life styles into sustainable ones, but in combination with other policy tools, it could be useful.


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