Sunday, 1 March 2015

Health program wk2 Influenza

Energy level zero

This week I will not pester you with chirpy comments on how energetic and great I feel being on my new experimental regime. I feel totally drained. I must admit though that this is hardly caused by me not eating white bread, which was the task for the week. 

I have not had any white bread or much of anything. The evil little influenza virus attacked on my son's Birthday and I have since spent my days in bed. Hopefully I did not spread the virus around to the other guests. And I am now getting better.

I did make a chocolate cake without any sugar and wheat flour and promised to report on the result. Here you are:

 The chocolate base was made of finely chopped walnut kernels, avocado, cocoa powder, prunes and some vanilla essence.

The cake can be made into an ordinary cake form or made into single portions as shown in the photo

Let rest in the freezer for a couple of hours.

Serve with some whipped cream and berries e.g. raspberries and sprinkle some flower honey on top. It tasted very nice but was quite filling. The next time I will make smaller pieces.

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