Sunday, 22 March 2015

Snow in Nova Scotia

Snow record and spring feelings

Being back in Nova Scotia is great, but I must admit the adjustment was not easy this time. Mainly due to the weather. The Annapolis Valley this year held the record for Nova Scotia on the amount of snow for December through February - 302 cm! In March we have had 3 snow storms, since we arrived 10 days ago giving 50-60 cm more so there has been a lot of shoveling in addition to the good work done by a plow and snow blower. We are all safe, but the mailbox is still missing. It could probably be found in the huge snow wall framing our road.

Well it is white and bright and extraordinarily beautiful outside.

A couple of days I got some seeds put into little pots - Tomatoes, Red Peppers, Celeriac, Arugula and Basil. Today I could see the Arugula starting to show.  Spring is on its way!
We have also passed the Equinox, which the Canadians call the First Day of Spring. I always celebrate the Equinox with cake and getting presents. This is not a special Swedish habit like celebrating the Summer Solstice. I celebrate the Equinox because it is my birthday. This year I had a very good one.

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