Monday, 5 January 2015


A greenhouse has been on my wishlist for years. I was traveling a lot when I was working so it really never fitted in earlier, but when I got my little cottage garden and more free time it was possible for me to let this dream come true.

The first step was to decide which type of greenhouse to choose. For me a sun-room type attached to my garage seemed to fit well with my needs. It would also be sheltered from northerly winds.

 My carpenter friend replaced the  rotten wall and built a good base for the greenhouse. A greenhouse kit was ordered on the internet and the greenhouse was assembled and put in place by my friend. .
It was amazingly warm in the greenhouse when the sun came out even when it was freezing cold outside in the middle of winter.
Some Christmas decorations on show.
A lovely place to sit and read.

Now a glimpse of the greenhouse in the middle of summer.

Fresh, ripe and DELICIOUS  tomatoes growing in the greenhouse could be harvested from the beginning of July until mid November. I now get very disappointed when I buy tomatoes, as they taste nothing compared to the home grown ones.

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