Tuesday, 6 January 2015



Last year was a good year for growing veggies.  What satisfaction it gives to start your cooking by going out into your garden to harvest fresh veggies for your meal.

What worked well 2014?  

In my garden I had all the different herbs that I use for cooking: parsley, dill, chives, sage, thyme, oregano, tarragon, rosemary  and basil (in the greenhouse). In the herb garden I also planted blue and white anemones, fever few and catnip for decoration.The last one also for my little cat Molly. 

My family asked me to add some cilantro, and next year I will, although I find the taste of cilantro quite disgusting. It seems as either you love or you hate this herb. Interesting.

My potatoes, green Kentucky beans, wax beans, kale, broccoli, beetroots, zucchini and winter squash and mountain spinach were very productive and sufficient to meet our needs for about 4 months. A good result, I think.

Beetroots, a long tender variety grown in well fertilized soil.

Kentucky green beans leaning on a couple of tipis. They were extremely productive and we got more beans than we could use, so we were able to share with neighbours and friends.
The Kale and Broccoli was great. The white cabbage butterflies attacked, but after their season new leaves developed. After harvesting the broccoli new buds appeared and we could harvest contiously until the frost came.

Great  zucchini  and Mountain Spinach (red) and the not so productive Corn. These veggies looked really decorative and they were worthwhile  growing just from that aspect. The harvest was a bonus.

Leek grown in a raised bed. Very handy to have in your garden.

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