Tuesday, 6 January 2015


 What worked well 2014?  continued

My Italian arugula almost took over, but this we found most fortunate as we love mixed salads containing arugula. My Yugoslav Butternut Lettuce, Green Leaf Lettuce and Romaine Lettuce provided salad for the whole summer and autumn.

Yugoslav butternut lettuce
Romaine lettuce
Green Leaf Lettuce

What did NOT work very well 2014?

My onions looked quite pathetic, maybe one of the reasons for the measly crop was that I planted them too deeply into the ground. Apparently the tip of the little onion should be left on the surface, I have later been told.

My corn crop was also both late and small. Maybe I should have planted the seed earlier and perhaps a sunnier spot also would have been beneficial.

I love parsnips, but have so far never succeeded at growing any. They do need a long growing season, so last year I was probably too late. I left them in the ground last winter and got huge green plants with tiny roots. They flowered and produced al lot o seeds. Maybe I will get some self sown plants next year.

This year I put new seeds into well fertilized soil. No luck at all. Maybe the failure was due to the too rich soil. The fact that parsnips don't thrive in rich soil, I found out too late. I am not sure that I will have another go at parsnips in 2015.

Last year we got a good crop of white turnips, but this years they were infested with some insects similar to a carrot fly infestation. I believe in plant rotation so I did plant them in a different space, but that did not help. Last year they were perfect raw material for mustard pickles, so maybe I will try them again next year.

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