Saturday, 24 January 2015


Blogging is a great way to keep family and a wide group of friends updated on what you are doing and of course also to reach new readers. I have chosen to write this blog in English and not in my mother tongue, Swedish, as more people will be able to follow it. I have also encouraged some elderly family members, who have forgotten the English they were taught in school to use the Translation service. That was maybe not altogether wise, the result is sometimes hilarious! When translating a recipe from Swedish into English, the Swedish word "salladskål" was translated into "salad bowl" and then it went on telling you to cut 2 kg "salad bowl" in two pieces lengthwise. The correct translation would be Chinese cabbage. 
I have tried to update the translation, as you are asked to contribute, but that doesn't work. So dear Swedish reader please bear with me. I have not forgotten to speak Swedish.

Kära svenska läsare. Vill bara berätta, att jag inte glömt att tala svenska. Däremot klarar jag inte av att justera den svenska översättningen, som man får när man trycker på "translation"-knappen. 
Underhållningsgraden när man läser mina inlägg på automatiskt översatt svenska ökar dock väsentligt!

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